First Aid Kit – What should be in our home first aid kit?

first-aid-Kit-300x300Anyone can get sick or hurt at home and need quick medical care. Having these medical tools at home will save you time and trouble when you or your child is hurt or sick.

You should carry at least these 10 basic items in your first aid kit.

  1. Thermometer to check for fever
  2. Your doctor’s after-hours telephone number
  3. Stick-on bandages
  4. Anti-itch cream for small rashes
  5. Non-aspirin pain reliever (acetaminophen) for adults and children
  6. Antibiotic or first aid cream to put on cuts and scrapes
  7. Medicine for upset stomach and diarrheafirst-aid-Kit2
  8. Ice pack
  9. Heating pad
  10. Hydrogen peroxide to clean cuts and scrapes

Your doctor might suggest other items, depending on the special medical issues of people in your family.

You can get these health items at a South Baldwin County drugstore for very little cost.

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