Blood-Sugar Screening

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Since 5.7 million Americans are walking around with undiagnosed diabetes,  if you have any suspicion that you might be diabetic, BloodSugarScreeninggetting a blood sugar screening is the safest approach.

Diabetes Screening Available Every Day!
  • Identify high blood glucose (sugar).
  • Prevent or delay the effects of diabetes.
See Our Skilled Medical Team for…
  • Risk assessment
  • Blood glucose test with immediate results
  • Lifestyle recommendations
Recommendations and Results:
  • We recommend fasting 8-12 hours before your visit.
  • Our team will provide immediate results, answer questions and educate you on what everything means.
  • At your convenient time – even during lunch.
  • Plus, we’ll send a copy of your visit records to your primary health care provider.

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Please check every symptom you have:
thirsthunger even after a mealdry mouthfrequent urinationunexplained weight lossfatigueblurred visionheadachesloss of concentrationnumbnesstingling hands or feet

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