Because of you, I had a very good Thanksgiving.

PilgrimIndianI hope that you & your staff had a Happy Thanksgiving!!  And because of you, I had a very good Thanksgiving (The first one in a long time). The medicine you gave me helped me get through it tremendously!!  Because my gr’ma is 101 yrs. old and my mom not physically able to do much it laid mostly on me.

I am one who never cared for Doctor—hospitals or Dentist.  But you and your staff made me feel at ease (somewhat).  You know that if you don’t have insurance, usually your not treated as well as people who do.  I am one who has no insurance, but you & your staff treated me no different!!  Your nurse even told me that ya’ll try and help me in anyway they could since I don’t have any insurance.

Since ya’ll made me feel more at ease, I would like for you to be my permanet physician!!  Expecially since Christmas is coming up!  (I would like to have a good Christmas as well.)

So I want to thank you and your staff!  I probably wouldn’t have made it through Thanksgiving without your help!  So

Thank You (very much)

Wanda [Surname deleted to protect privacy]


One Response to Because of you, I had a very good Thanksgiving.

  1. Dr. Buckmaster December 9, 2014 at 12:02 pm #

    So good to know our team could help you at such an important time, Wanda! May God bless you with a Merry Christmas, too!

    Charles V. Buckmaster, MD