My second chance!

2ndChanceI came to see you broken down;

I’d made a mistake and begun to drown.

That day’s decision would mean everything,

whether I would give up or fight for change.

My addictions have beaten me down for years;

caused loss of family, heartache and tears.

Last month I was scared, shaken to the core,

that I’d reveal my mistakes and you’d see me no more.

But you didn’t follow protocol course,

you looked in my eyes and felt my deep remorse.

You put me back on medication and said I’d be alright,

that was the help that gave me strength to fight.

I know to you I am just another patient,

but your belief in me gave me such motivation.

So since that day, I have gotten back on path,

head held high, put my mistakes in the past.

So rare to find a doctor who tries to understand.

Now back clean and sober, I owe you thanks for my second chance.

One Response to My second chance!

  1. Dr. Buckmaster December 9, 2014 at 11:54 am #

    How great to have a small part in your tracking onto the right path!

    Come on in now and do this for us with a set of drums!

    Charles V. Buckmaster, MD