Medical News

Activity May Lower Heart Attack Risk, Owning a Car May Raise It
Antibiotics No Help for Sinusitis
Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer Risk
Are Artificial Sweeteners Really Going to Kill Me?
Carb Counting May Abate Breast Cancer Risk Factors
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome NOT linked to Virus
COPD Drug Wins FDA Approval
Counting Carbs When You Use Insulin
Diabetes, Obesity Ups Risk of Breast Cancer
Early Help May Improve Preemies’ Behavior
Early-Stage Prostate Cancer Rates Falling
Egg Therapy May Help Allergic Kids
Exercising After Total Knee Replacement
Extreme Dieting KOs Heart Fat in Diabetics
Fast Food Health Toll Spreads East
FDA OKs Aclidinium Bromide for COPD
Fertility – 8 Myths Debunked
Fish a Week Keeps the Brain at Its Peak
Fish Oil Does NOT Lower Heart Risk in Diabetics
Fracture Risk Falls with Cataract Repair
Generic vs. Brand-name Drugs
Heart Disease – 5 Urgent Warnings
High Dose Vitamin D Prevents Fractures
High fructose corn syrup vs table sugar – which is better?
IVIG Stops Alzheimer’s in Its Tracks
Keep an Eye on Changing Moles
Keep Cool in Extreme Heat
Marathons Pose Little Risk to Heart
Mediterranean Diet Good for Small Brain Vessels
Melanoma on Rise with Indoor Tanning
Milestone Medical Tests in Your 50s
Omega-3s May Help Slow Vision Loss
Playing Sports Helps Teens Fight Fat
RA Drug Fails to Curb Psoriatic Arthritis
Renewed Warning on Baby Acetaminophen
Salt Cravings May Start in the Playpen
Shedding Pounds Protects Knee Cartilage
Shift Work Hikes Heart Attack & Stroke Risk
Shift Work Raises Diabetes Risk in Women
Soccer Players at Risk for Brain Injury
Stroke Prevention Pay Off
The 10 Best Foods for Your Heart
The Truth About Coffee
Tick Disease Up Among Elderly
Too Much Water Bigger Threat Than Too Little
Warning Signs of Bladder Cancer
Which Vitamins Do You Really Need?
Whooping Cough Heading to a 5-Decade High



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