Charles V. Buckmaster, M.D.

My father practiced general medicine in Henderson, Kentucky, just south of Evansville, Indiana.  Seeing how deeply he cared about the welfare of his patients encouraged me into a career in medicine.


Table Talk – Medicine

My dad joined the army during WWII, got shot, recovered, joined up again, got shot again, and married the nurse who brought him back to health.  At our dinner table, Doctor Dad and Nurse Mom focused family conversation on medicine.

I knew how much my father’s medical practice meant to everyone in our little town, and I saw his real heart and compassion for people.

To Give People Hope

Doctor Buckmaster Advises a PatientWhen my father delivered a baby with a cleft palate, the parents were shocked and discouraged!  But not Dad.  Many years earlier he had sewn up the cleft palate on another baby who had grown into a handsome high school student.  Dad asked him, “Would you stop around the hospital and show the new baby’s dad what you look like?” That high schooler’s visit helped those parents believe in their child’s future.  My dad knew how to give people hope.

Early Counsel

Doctor Buckmaster Examines Lenore SampsonCareer counsel from my father went like this:  “You could become a surgeon or a pediatrician.  Maybe you’d like to be an internist.  Or your skills seem to lean toward cardiology.  Have you ever considered primary care?”  His goal for us never strayed from medicine.  Every one of us was “a doctor until proven otherwise.”

Renee and DocBEarly Medical Experience

I followed my father’s counsel and gained medical experience through hospital outpatient care, in rural clinics, urgent care centers, and emergency rooms.  I completed residency training in Syracuse, New York, and Springfield, Illinois.  I went on to clinical training in Bath, England.

Medical Certification

DocB_RogerSoutherlandIn 1993 the School of Medicine at St. George’s University bestowed on me the degree of Doctor of Medicine, and in 1997 the Alabama Medical Licensure Commission certified my qualification to practice medicine.

I’m Glad My Dad Loved Doctoring

After all these years of family practice, I’m still glad my father loved doctoring and encouraged me into medicine.  I deeply enjoy curing people and guiding them into good health.

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