Dolores Buckmaster, B.E.

Office Manager

Gulf Shores Doctor Buckmaster Medical Clinic Office Manager

Dolores Does the Books

In 1991 in Houston I started two years of college training as a nurse while working nights for the Sisters of Charity.

I Saw a Need

Rebecca pauses for a hug from Dolores.

Patient Rebecca pauses for a hug from Dolores.

In 1997 in Albuquerque I was working in pediatrics at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, when my father had a terrible accident that burned 25% of his body.  I stood close through his suffering and watched how doctors helped him recover.  I saw a need I had not seen before and developed a love for serving people through medicine.

Houston Astros and Rockets Medical Team

At Baylor College I served with the Medicine Department of Orthopedics Surgery and Sports Medicine.  Our medical team cared for the Houston Astros and Rockets.  I went on to Texas Bible College in Houston, Dolores191x186where I earned the Bachelor of Education degree.

To Serve

I work in medicine because my heart’s desire is to serve. 

Somebody needs something? 

If I can help, I’ll do it.


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